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Email Sequence: New Feature Update

We are excited to announce that a highly awaited feature, Email Sequence, is finally here.

Email Sequence

We introduced this feature so you no longer need an external email platform to manage your prospects. 

With this feature, you can nurture your leads through email automation. You can do all that from your CoachPodium account. 

As a result, you can save your money and valuable resources.

What is Email Sequence?

Email Sequence refers to the term when you send a number of emails in certain intervals of time. Such emails can be a ‘welcome email’ when your prospects take your Wheel of Life assessments. 

You then follow up with them with emails to put them into a constant loop.

Now, imagine you have hundreds and thousands of such prospects. It will be overwhelming to send each of them multiple emails manually.

To address that issue, we have added the Email Sequence feature.

You create multiple emails in advance and define the time to send them.

For the email sequence to work, you require a trigger condition. A trigger condition is an event. When this event occurs, the action takes place automatically.

For instance, when a prospect takes your Wheel of Life assessment (trigger condition), it executes the email sequence (action).

Why Email Sequence Feature is Important?

Email Sequence is important because of several benefits, which are

  • It saves time from manually creating and sending 100s of emails to your prospects to an automated process.
  • It helps to nurture your leads over time by keeping in touch with the prospects.
  • You can engage with your client for a long time, which helps in client retention.
  • You can analyze the performance and refine your approach with the help of analytics and insights.
  • You can maintain constant communication, increasing the chance of converting leads into clients.

Email Sequence Features Designed for Coaches

Here are the sneak peeks of the Email Sequence feature for you.

1. Select Multiple Wheel of Life Assessment

Select Multiple Wheel of Life Assessment

You may have created multiple Wheel of Life assessments in your account. In this feature, you can choose any number of assessments to use in the email sequence. This gives you the flexibility to create a single or multiple email sequence to cover all your Wheel of Life Assessments.

2. Set Condition for Email Sequence Automation

You can set conditions on when to send your emails, and when that occurs, your prospects get emails automatically.

3. Set Time for Sending Emails

You can define the day and time window for sending emails and when to exclude them. 

Additionally, you can change your time zone to suit your targeted geographic locations.

4. Set Follow-Up Timings

You can set a follow-up time in each email in your email sequence. You can choose the time from minutes to months. 

That way, you can control when to send the next emails.

5. Email Templates

You can choose from 5 pre-built email templates and quickly edit them to match your needs. 

Or, if you want to create the email from the ground up, you can do that too.

6. Personalizing Your Emails

You can maintain personal relations with your prospect by personalizing the emails with their name, the name of the assessment, and your name. 

For example, if you want to greet your client with their name, you put {client_full_name} in the email, and when you send the email, the client’s name automatically replaces the term.

7. Visual Preview

The visual preview tab gives you an easy view of your email sequence, giving information about the email subject line, follow-up timing, your name, and your email address.

8. Detailed Analytics and Reporting

You get a detailed overview of the email sequences. You can view the data separately for emails sent, opened, clicked, and the click rate for the predefined or custom duration.

You also get insights into lifetime totals, including total subscribers with their subscription status.

Upcoming Features of CoachPodium

Email Sequence feature is available to our premium users. 

Currently, Email Sequence only works for the Wheel of Life Assessment, but we are evolving CoachPodium to:

  • Support various tools and various trigger points.
  • Add a feature to create different email lists of your prospects for each Wheel of Life assessment.
  • Add a contact form to your profile page to allow visitors to send inquiries.

Appreciating Your Feedback

We are always eager to upgrade our platform. Our aim is to make CoachPodium useful for our users. 

We would like to hear your thoughts and ideas on improving and evolving our platform.

If you have any feature you want to see, let us know on our feature request page.

We’re excited to make our platform work best for you!

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